About Us
The inspiration behind eContainerz
An Ohio story moves from the rural to the urban. 
The story of eContainerz @ Containerville has just begun, though its origins trace back to 1977, where a story was authored based on forward thinking values such as our ecological footprint, the use of sustainable energy, and the efficient, cost effectiveness and fun that encompasses recycling and reutilizing existing materials.  The inspiration for eContainerz, can be found on County Road 13 in Wauseon, Ohio.

A one of a kind solar home was erected in Wauseon that year, utilizing recycled wood from an old retired dairy barn down the road.  Much of the barn, from the massive support beams to the siding and wooden shingles were cleaned, sanded and re-purposed for use in this modern (at the time) new home.  It was a passion project of two brothers, Paul and Dale zumFelde, who grew up on the dairy farm (along with brothers Lawrence and Roger), milking cows when they were young, in the very barn that became Paul’s home. (The home built after that was a geothermal timberframe home on the same farm). 

With Dale serving as the architect of the project and Paul serving as the “barn recycling coordinator and home builder”, along with the contributions of many family, friends, and independent contractors, the home was completed in 1978.

Taking inspiration from the home in Wauseon, and the people who created it, who were clearly ahead of their time, Containerville, Columbus, Ohio was born.

While still planning to utilize the power of solar energy including power/battery storage solutions, and other updated technologies, there will still be a core goal of recycling and re-purposing.  With that in mind, instead of an old dairy barn in rural Ohio, the main structure of eContainerz will be made from cargo shipping containers and located in the urban environment of Columbus, Ohio.