Coming in 2018
eContainerz plans to bring the future to Columbus, Ohio
eContainerz will take a leading role in promoting
the future of eco-minded urban living.  
  1. Solar power
    eContainerz will utilize the renewable energy that the sun provides and storing it for use when the sun decides to hide behind an overcast day.
  2. Wind turbine power
    eContainerz will utilize the renewable energy that the wind provides. On days it is overcast but windy, efficient wind turbines will contribute on power production.
  3. Electrical power storage
    Power generated from solar and wind will be stored for use during times when needed, reducing the amount of power used from traditional urban grid system.
  4. Ductless efficient air
    eContainerz will feature ductless air systems to maintain an efficient and comfortable temperature all year while not taking up precious space with traditional duct work.
  5. Tankless water heating
    By utilizing an electric tankless water heater, eContainerz will be gas free and instead use the electricity generated on site for a nice hot shower.
  6. LED Lighting
    All lighting will be either directly powered via solar panels, such as landscape and security lights, while the homes will use efficient indoor LED lights to draw the least amount of electricity.
  7. Water recycling
    eContainerz will implement rain gardens and rain barrels in order to reduce water run off as well as reuse rain water for trees, plants and flowers.
  8. Recycled, Repurposed, Reused
    Whenever possible, eContainerz will feature materials that have found a new home outside of the landfill and contribute to the goal of reducing waste and helping the environment.
  9. Community
    eContainerz will play an active part in the Ganther's Place community in South Columbus and looks forward to continue its support of the great things happening on the South End.