Welcome to the home of eContainerz,
located in the  Ganthers Place
neighborhood in 
South Columbus, Ohio, USA
  1. Upcycled shipping containers
    Upcycled shipping containers
    eContainerz will be made from steel shipping containers which can be built to exceed building code requirements while providing a cozy and efficient apartment.
  2. Solar Powered
    Solar Powered
    eContainerz will harness the power of the sun to reduce as much as possible, their pull off traditional electrical grids.
  3. Wind Turbine Generators
    Wind Turbine Generators
    eContainerz will also utilize small wind powered generators when and where possible to take advantage of those windy days in Columbus.

Motivated by the Columbus Smart City initiative, eContainerz is excited about what is coming to our great city and how we can contribute to the transformation of Columbus in the future.​ 
Click the pic for more exciting information about Smart City, Columbus, Ohio!